Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Only Religion

At the Altar of One

I will worship at the altar of all that you are
with the reckless abandon of a woman's
soul eclipsed and enlightened by yours.
My light, dimmed without your light,
Your light, shadowed without my light.
In swirling Oneness, we are beauty defined.
I am yours, beloved.
I am yours.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fade to Green

Ten Thousand Shades of Green

Ten thousand shades of green
ooze forth in shimmering stillness
cooling my overheated eyes,
while Buddha’s children
sell chocolates and ask
to be photographed.
The con made sweeter
by the presence of God.

Concrete Blonde fills the
potholes we dodge with
careening trucks and
comforts moved by bicycle
to reach your sea.

Darkness enthralls your
river’s mouth where
ghosts whisper of the
wounds you lick in silence
and broken men wait by
the shore for redemption.

Rooftop luxuries rise
from the ashes of soldiers
gone mad, like sundae cherries
and women inviting from
the center of their ripeness.

In the end it’s your voice
of kindness that surrenders
my soul to all that you are and
has me forsaking all colors,
hues both light and dark, for
ten thousand shades of green.