Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fade to Green

Ten Thousand Shades of Green

Ten thousand shades of green
ooze forth in shimmering stillness
cooling my overheated eyes,
while Buddha’s children
sell chocolates and ask
to be photographed.
The con made sweeter
by the presence of God.

Concrete Blonde fills the
potholes we dodge with
careening trucks and
comforts moved by bicycle
to reach your sea.

Darkness enthralls your
river’s mouth where
ghosts whisper of the
wounds you lick in silence
and broken men wait by
the shore for redemption.

Rooftop luxuries rise
from the ashes of soldiers
gone mad, like sundae cherries
and women inviting from
the center of their ripeness.

In the end it’s your voice
of kindness that surrenders
my soul to all that you are and
has me forsaking all colors,
hues both light and dark, for
ten thousand shades of green.



billie said...

This is just lovely - photo and poem. I especially love the line:

"The con made sweeter by the presence of God."

Really, though, the entire poem is beautiful!

Does the date indicate you wrote this on the 4th? If it's this good after just one day's writing, I'm even more impressed!


Joni said...

Actually I wrote this in part on the 4th and in part at about 3 am on the 5th. I love when a poem wakes me up in the middle of the night and says "but wait, there's more!" and has me writing by feel in my notebook in the dark. LOL

I'm glad you like it.

I plan to write more about the inspiration for this poem in a few days.

billie said...

Oh, I love that getting awakened experience too... :) I had it a few weeks back, to do with my first novel - woke up middle of the night and suddenly I felt I had some insight into making it more marketable.

I would love to know more about what inspired your poem. Will keep an eye out for that post!


eddie said...

very very deep, loved it...