Thursday, March 15, 2007



It is within your motion, where your
beauty lies. Static does not suit you.
Your frenzied dance opens my heart.
My wind is borne blind on the other side of you.

And I feel.

I call your name with birdsong voice.
Your back remains mine with your
wolfing hips moving skyward.
My trees are held breathless in your landscape.

And I know.

You settle deep within my marrowed skin.
A joining of purest connection
in grazing circles of florid repose,
my stars run sunlit through your madrigal hair.

And I love.


Art Credit: Tree Deva by Mia Friedrich


Bugwit said...

Love. Lovely. Love making.


paddy said...
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Joseph Gallo said...

And I feel.
And I know.
And I love.

Evocative and tender, Joni.

Madrigal hair...

billie said...

The Tree Deva is amazing - is the artist local?

And trees breathless in your landscape is such a wonderful line.

Joni said...

Billie -

No, I found that picture on the web and just thought it was perfect for the poem. Thanks.

And I haven't forgotten about pomegranate martinis, life is just overwhelmingly swamped lately. After March, things might lighten up a bit.

billie said...

You've had an incredible amount going on - the pomegranate martinis will be there when the right time comes. :)

I also found a great place to have them - on the corner of Tryon and C. Parkway - place called Mythos!

Anonymous said...

If we were not lovers we held hands as we descended,


Joni said...

Billie -

Oh, who can resist a place called Mythos! Splendid. I will e-mail as things clear and we can make arrangements.

Wendy -

Glad you like it. :smile:

Lynn said...

Beautiful, Joni, just beautiful.

I'm glad I didn't overlook the post right before this one. I left you a comment.